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For the six weeks of Lent, we will have Midweek services to help prepare for the Easter celebration. During this time Fun Family Wednesday activities will be suspended, but there will be a meal offered in the parish hall before the worship service.

The Church Season of Lent offers the Christian an opportunity for a special encounter with ourselves and with Jesus. It’s purpose is to lead to repentance and renewed trust in Him. This is good, since repentance and renewed faith are vital as we prepare to receive the Good News which Holy Week and Easter will bring us.

Accordingly, again this Lent, we seek this self-examination which comes through the application of the Word of God to our hearts and lives. We allow that Word to show us our sinful condition and need. God’s Gospel offers us God’s plan to remove our sin: “Behold the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world.” John 1:29. It also works to empower us to live our lives for and with Him.

There is no shortcut way to accomplish our penitence, our growth in trust, and our repentance. We need to take the time, make the effort to do this. We urge you to use this season as an opportunity for a spiritual experience for yourself and your family. Please do not skip Lent, for its discipline and its opportunities are not to accomplish some goal for the church. It’s discipline and opportunities are for you and for your good. Resolve right now to be in worship each Sunday, to attend the Wednesday evening services, to have daily devotions individually and as a family. It is in the Word that God speaks to us of His gracious forgiveness. It is in the Word He calls us to Himself. It is in His Word we hear most clearly every promise. Listen to the Word, and make this the most blessed Lenten season yet.

Bethel will again offer Lenten Wednesday devotional services at noon and 6:45 pm. This year the focus of our Wednesday services is “Repristination.” Simply, that we have many attitudes toward things which the Lord calls sacred, but which we often may treat as ordinary. As the topic schedule below outlines, each week we are going to consider something which the world disregards and encourages us to see as unimportant. In each case though God calls these things “holy.” Lent is a time when we check our attitudes and actions, and this is most especially true if the Lord has deemed something “sacred.” Our challenge then is to remind one another that if our Lord calls it His and declares it “holy” it most certainly must be that for us.

Repristination: To examine our attitudes toward God’s Holy Things, and ask Him to restore our understanding of His Holiness

      • March 6th:

    Ash Wednesday, Introduction to Repristination


      • March 20th:

    The Holy Sacraments


      • March 27th:

    The Human Body and the Gift of Marriage


      • April 3rd:

    Remember the Sabbath Day and keep it holy


      • April 10th:

    The Words of My Mouth


      • April 17th:

    The Sanctity of Human Life


Personal Lenten Devotions from Lutheran Hour Ministries

For Christians, the season of Lent is marked by deep reflection on the appearance of the Savior and, naturally, what His life, suffering, death, and resurrection mean for our lives now. God’s human involvement in our world is a perfect example of His intimate love for us. He spared nothing to make Himself known to us-a fact that proclaims in no uncertain terms how “God so loved the world.” In Silent Witnesses, readers will note both the majestic-and mundane-aspects of the Gospel accounts: stories telling how God in His infinite power came down and “has spoken to us by His Son.”

These devotions are available to read online or to hear as a podcast, or can be received as an e-mail subscription throughout the Lenten season. Go online to www.lhm.org/lent for all these versions. OR pick up a printed copy in the narthex on the Elders Credenza.

  • Ash Wednesday, March 6th
      • 11:30 AM – Noon

    Imposition of Ashes in the Sanctuary

      • 12:00 Noon

    Worship Service with Holy Communion

      • 5:15-6:30

    Meal in the Parish Hall

      • 6:15-6:45

    Imposition of Ashes in the Sanctuary

      • 6:45

    Worship Service with Holy Communion

  • Wednesdays, March 6th through April 17th
    • 12:00 Noon Lenten Devotion
    • 5:15-6:30 Lenten Meal, Parish Hall
    • 6:45 Lenten Devotion